About Uttarakhand Elections


Chief Minister of Uttarakhand - Harish Rawat

Type Unicameral
Parlimentary Constituencies 5
Assembly Constituencies 70
Ruling Party Indian National Congress
Opposition Party BJP
Leader of the House Harish Rawat, INC
Governor Krishan Kant Paul
Cheif Electoral Officer Radha Raturi

Elections in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is also a state in northern India. There are more than 10.08 million populations (2012). This is a state in India crossed by Himalayas and available many hindu pilgrimage sites.There are 70 Assembly Consitituencies and 5 Lok Sabha Consitituencies. First Assembly elections have done in 2002 where Congress had won 36 seats.

In last Assembly elections (2012), 3 Major parties (INC, BSP & BJP) has been participated. Out of that, INC (Congress) has got majority with winning of 32 Seats. Runner Up (BJP) has got 31 Seats. BSP & Independents has got 3 and 3 Seats respectively. INC created their government with merging of BSP and independents. After that, Mr. Vijay Bahuguna won bye-election from their sitarganj seat vacated due to resignation of BJP MLA. That gives 1 more seat benefits to congres and BJP settled down on 30.

Next upcoming Assembly elections for Uttarakhand will be held in 2017. Dates would be announce by Election Commission in November 2016 and elections will be held around Jan or Feb of 2017.The Current CM for Uttarakhand is Mr. Harish Rawat. The important main factor that will help BJP to fight against INC will be corruption issues raised on Mr. Harish Rawat. Uttarakhand already faced the President rule for 1 month few days before.